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My name is Rico DiMattia and I enjoy near about 40 years experience in the real estate arena. I love land. I believe the basis to all wealth is land. You and I know that every human being on the face of the planet has to have a place to rest their head every night. That's a simple concept. Real estate is common to us all.  Buying, selling, renting, investing in and enjoying real estate is easy, people make it difficult. Licensees, inspectors. appraisers, insurers, closing companies and the like all throw dirt in the air when it comes to making a transaction settle. Lots of drama. Relax there's a much better way.

Simply put, "If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be", contact me. Simple solutions to complex predicaments provided. A steady hand on the reins for expedient pleasurable results without those anxious moments.

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Buying real estate is certainly exciting. If qualified it is one of the best decisions you can make. I can mentor you through the process and advise you along the way. My goal here is that you love where you are going to live and that you enjoy a big bang for your buck. 

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People sell real estate for a myriad of reasons. The key is for me to help you understand how to position your property for sale. Absorption rates, velocity, and price are readily recognizable. Levels of service needed and provided are readily identifiable. Again you can relax, selling real estate is not hard once you know what the truths are.

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